Are You Ready to Feel Better?
I know how to find your problem spot—the part causing the pain and/or limitation—and fix it.
Beyond Recovery
My goal is to get you back to where you were, and enable you to do whatever you want to do, even if it’s something you’ve never tried before.
It’s All About You
At Rode Physical Therapy, I focus on you. My mission is to facilitate your recovery in order to maximize your autonomy and quality of life.

What our patients say

We were referred to Brenda Rode about 3 years ago after suffering a ski injury and lower back and leg pain for my wife. In both of our cases she has proved herself to be an outstanding physical therapist resolving very difficult and painful conditions. We have fondly nicknamed her “the Brendanator” capable of solving the most difficult of situations. We would not consider any other physical therapist than Brenda Rode.

Cliff & Catherine Schroeder

When you’re “mature” and choose to stay active, you’re likely to have physical issues that can greatly benefit from physical therapy. Brenda Rode is my savior! She has repeatedly kept me going in spite of back problems, knee problems, a broken ankle and currently, a pinched nerve in my neck. She is skillful, intuitive and has magic hands. Her new office is welcoming and she is always on schedule. In addition, she’s a wonderful, caring person who can be trusted to come up with the proper treatment program to get you feeling better fast.

Joanne Dalsass

Dr. Rode is truly a gem. I had the privilege of being one of her patients and she taught me what was needed in order to recover from a herniated disk. Her knowledge is both dense and spacious, reflecting her years of education and experience. She has the unique ability to explain the complexities of the human anatomy in such a way that one can easily understand. Dr. Rode’s intellect and gift of articulating heady material, combined with warmth, light heartedness, and generosity of spirit is a rare find in the world of science and medicine. In addition to educating her patients, Dr. Rode’s seasoned work is very hands on. As such, I experienced great relief from her strength and keen intuition when she performed muscle manipulation. With that said, I highly recommend Dr. Rode for any physical therapy needs.

Deborah Wilson

Before starting treatment with Brenda, I had endured chronic pain in my shoulder for months. A neurosurgeon diagnosed the cause as a pinched nerve in my neck. Inoculations gave me no relief. He suggested physical therapy as an alternative to surgery. I was referred to Brenda Rode and within weeks my pain disappeared due to her expertise and skilled hands. I am most grateful for the restoration of my quality of life. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone with a similar problem.

Lamar Blair