Are you ready to feel better? I know how to find your problem spot—the part causing the pain and/or limitation—and fix it. Together we’ll make progress every single visit… Or change the approach until we do.

Whatever It Takes

Like most physical therapists, I draw from the many techniques and tools I’ve mastered during my extensive training, and 15 years of professional experience. But the two most important tools remain active listening and manual therapy.

Hands-On Therapy

I rely on your words and my hands to tell me what’s going on with your body and how these limitations impact your lifestyle. I use that input to develop a completely personalized, hands-on treatment plan to meet your distinct needs, modifying and adapting as necessary to keep you moving forward. We won’t just spend 10-15 minutes on this kind of critical manual therapy. Instead, most often, it will be the focus of each and every hour-long, uninterrupted, one-on-one treatment session.

Getting Results

My work is a dance. If something I try is effective, I continue along that path and add to it. If not I try a different approach. How we overcome your challenge does not matter. It’s the result that counts.

That’s why you will never see a PT assistant or aide. You’ll see me the whole time. This continuity of care, rare as it is in the physical therapy profession, is crucial to help people get better. Which is, after all, the whole point.

I facilitate immediate change during each session, followed by long-term change through body mechanics instruction, targeted-therapeutic-exercise and education so you understand how to avoid the problem that has sidelined you and prevent recurrence.